We return to Maxey Park June 1, 2021

If you are uncomfortable meeting in person—or don’t live in Lubbock—you may join us via Skype.  Please sign up for our Virtual Meetings if you are not already on our list.

Virtual Meeting

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We are continuing to meet on Tuesday evenings via Skype, as well as in person at Maxey Park. Maxey Park closes at 8:00 PM, so the meetings will end at least 15 minutes before 8:00 Central Time.

If you have not yet attended a meeting in person and would like to attend a Virtual Meeting instead of in-person at the center, please subscribe to the Virtual Meeting list. You will receive an automatic email that helps you get your system ready for the meetings with instructions on how to submit your work for critique. 

You will be reminded to join the meeting about 6:00 AM the morning of the meeting each week. If you are already a member, you do not need to subscribe, as you are already on the list.

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