Submission Guidelines

A few guidelines for submitting your work to be critiqued.

  1.  Up to 10 pages of manuscript per critique session. (This is to ensure that we have time to evaluate everyone’s submission.)
  2. Double spaced. (This gives us room to make comments)
  3. Easy to read fonts. Such as, Times New Roman, Veranda, and Ariel. (Nothing fancy that is difficult to read.)
  4. Font size should be at least 12.
  5. Do not have a submission end mid sentence. (It’s okay to go to page 11 to finish a paragraph or sentence.)
  6. Make sure you run the manuscript through Spell Check and Grammar Check on your computer before submitting.
  7. Please do not submit first drafts. Go through your manuscript three or four times before you submit it.
  8. Please include in the header on each page, your name (pen names are fine—but let us know who you are!), the title of your submission, the page numbers, and the genre.
  9. When you submit your work, please do not re-write it before you receive the critiques back from our members. It is a waste of the members’ time to go through it and then you tell them you’ve already changed it.
  10. You should read your work out loud before you submit it, to make sure it flows smoothly. If you have trouble reading it aloud, members will probably have a problem reading it. Nearly everyone has a smart cell phone these days.  You can get a voice recorder app and record yourself reading it, then listen back to it for clarity.
  11. If your genre is *Adult Only* you may bring something for us to critique, but you will need to leave out the “Adult only” parts. We do allow minors in the group with a legal guardian, so we have to keep everything rated PG 13. After you get to know some of the members, you may ask if anyone is willing to read “the good stuff”, and if they do, you’ll just give those to them privately and they’ll critique it for you, privately.  This also applies to submissions that have graphic violence or other controversial content.  Which is why it is important to include the genre in the header.
  12. Please bring 10-15 copies of what you’re going to submit.  Although the community center allows us to make copies, we need to bring our own.  If you need a few extra, please ask Jeff to make them as early in the meeting as possible.  We also need to bring blank paper to replace any we use.  If you have joined the Private Yahoo Group, you may upload your submission there, and others can download and critique it using Track Changes.  Instructions for using Track Changes is in the files section in the Group.
  13. You do not have to follow the suggestions given in the critiques. However, a good rule of thumb to follow is:
    1. If one person mentions something, think about it.
    2. If two people mention the same thing, consider it.
    3. If three people mention it, investigate it.
    4. You may feel the group is being hard on you, but we’re trying to get your story to be the best it can be before you publish it.

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